With the rapid development of the labor market in the UAE, especially in the Emirate of Dubai, a successful enterprise must maintain the selection of qualified employees. The importance of adequately selected staff to achieve corporate goals and ensure business stability should be emphasized. In this context, availing the services of a professional employment agency like Legacy becomes crucial in building a successful and efficient team.

Why does choosing a Legacy employment agency make a difference?

Expertise and Experience: The Legacy team deeply knows the local labor market and its characteristics. Our experience recruiting for various specialties allows us to accurately identify candidate requirements and find the best applicants for your business.

Individual approach: We understand that every company is unique and its needs may differ significantly. Our experts carefully analyze your company's business processes and corporate culture to find candidates who are ideally suited to integrate into your team.

Extensive database: Legacy has a comprehensive database of professional job seekers from various industries. We can quickly find professionals with the right skills and experience for your job openings.

Efficiency: Our agency cares about your time. We conduct initial interviews and pre-screening to provide you with the most suitable candidates. This allows you to focus on the more strategic aspects of the business.

Partnership on a long-term basis: We build relationships on a long-term basis. Our goal is not just to recruit for the moment but to help you create a staffing policy that promotes the growth and success of your business in the future.

The process of partnering with Legacy:

Consultation and Analysis: Our experts meet with your team to fully understand the needs and expectations of new hires.

Profile development: We create a detailed profile of the required candidates, considering your professional skills and your company culture.Sourcing and Screening: We search and screen potential applicants against the developed profile using our database and resources.Candidate Presentation: We provide the most suitable resumes and organize candidate interviews.Integration: After selecting suitable candidates, we support you in integrating them into the team, ensuring a smooth start to the collaboration.