Saudi Arabia

Today's business world is becoming increasingly global, requiring companies to adapt quickly to various market conditions. In this regard, finding qualified personnel capable of successfully implementing the organization's strategic goals is becoming a priority for business leaders. Recruitment of personnel from CIS countries to Saudi Arabia, where the need for talented specialists is growing daily, is a particularly urgent task.

Selecting CIS personnel to work in Saudi Arabia can be an effective solution, as CIS countries have a vast pool of highly qualified specialists in various fields. However, such recruitment also comes with challenges, including cultural differences, language barriers, and the need to comply with legal regulations.

Legacy Employment Agency is here to help in this complex process of recruitment and adaptation. Specializing in searching and selecting personnel from CIS countries, particularly from Kyrgyzstan, to work in Saudi Arabia, we offer comprehensive solutions that ensure the successful adaptation of specialists in a new working environment.

Our Advantages:

Expertise in International Recruitment: We have extensive experience sourcing and recruiting personnel to work abroad, especially in Saudi Arabia. Our expert team thoroughly researches your business needs and analyzes the job market to find the ideal candidates.

Personalized approach: Every company is unique, so our policy is always customized. We strive to find professionally suitable candidates and those who best fit your company's corporate culture in Saudi Arabia.

Support at all stages: Our support goes beyond search and selection. We help you with the necessary paperwork, work permits, and training to adapt to the new country.

Compliance with regulations and laws: We ensure that all our activities comply with the rules and regulations of both CIS countries and Saudi Arabia. This provides a smooth process and avoids unwanted legal consequences.

Legacy Employment Agency is your reliable partner in recruiting CIS personnel to work in Saudi Arabia. We combine expertise, individual approach, and legal assurance to provide qualified employees capable of successfully leading your business to new heights. Take a step into the future with Legacy!