Qatar is a rapidly developing country with a favorable business climate, where opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies are growing daily. However, successful business development is impossible without an efficient and qualified team of professionals. If you are looking for a reliable partner for the recruitment of personnel from CIS countries in Qatar, Legacy Employment Agency is ready to offer its services.

Why choose Legacy Employment Agency?

Extensive experience and expertise: We are a team of specialists with many years of experience in recruitment. Our agency is familiar with the labor market's peculiarities in both the CIS countries and Qatar. This allows us to accurately understand the needs of the business and find the most suitable candidates.

Professional approach: We approach each task individually. By understanding your company's unique requirements and goals, we develop a recruitment strategy that guarantees the best results. Our goal is to find not just employees but those who match your skills, experience and company culture.

Extensive network of contacts: Legacy Employment Agency has extensive connections and contacts with both employers in Qatar and job seekers from CIS countries. This allows us to quickly find the best candidates for your company, reducing your recruitment time.

Advantages of recruiting personnel from the CIS:

  • Professional skills: CIS employees are known for their high professional skills and education.
  • This allows companies in Qatar to strengthen their teams with experienced professionals.
  • Multilingual: Many CIS applicants are multilingual, which can be a valuable advantage in an international business environment.
  • Adaptability: CIS employees are often highly adaptable to new environments and willing to learn quickly.

How we work:

Consultation: We start with a deep understanding of your business's needs and goals.

Analysis and Strategy: We develop a customized recruitment strategy based on this information. Search & Selection: We actively search for suitable candidates in our database and on external platforms.

Interviews: We conduct interviews, check references and assess candidates' skills.Presentation: We present the most suitable candidates to you for the final decision.Legacy Employment Agency is your reliable partner in recruiting personnel from CIS countries for business development in Qatar. We guarantee a professional approach, high selection standards and successful cooperation. Entrust us with the search for applicants and we will ensure your company's success with the best staff!