The modern labor market requires constant renewal and optimization of staff composition, especially in international business. Successful development of your company in Oman requires not only accurate market analysis but also competent recruitment. Legacy Employment Agency is your reliable partner in recruiting specialists from CIS countries to work in Oman. We will provide a search and selection of qualified applicants that meet the unique needs of your business.

Benefits of working with Legacy Agency:

Deep understanding of regional peculiarities: Our agency has extensive experience in the Omani market, allowing us to assess the needs and staffing requirements of local businesses accurately. We know what specialists are in demand and what skills are necessary for successful adaptation in a new place.

Extensive database of professionals: Legacy Agency has a comprehensive database of candidates from CIS countries, notably Kyrgyzstan, including highly qualified specialists from various industries. We are ready to find the right candidate for management positions and specialized tasks.

Professional selection and rigorous testing: We apply rigorous selection methods, including professional testing, interviews, and reference checks. Only the most competent and motivated candidates will join your team.

Support at all stages of employment: Our support goes beyond recruitment. We are ready to help you with paperwork, adaptation of new employees, and ensuring their comfortable integration into the team.

Legacy Employment Agency is a reliable partner in recruiting personnel from CIS countries to work in Oman. We guarantee a professional approach and individual attention to your needs and will help with the successful adaptation of specialists in your company. Trust our experience and expertise; we will be happy to help you build an effective and competent team to develop your business in Oman.