Legacy is one of the leading recruitment companies in CIS. Our activity is focused on providing employment services to Clients on local and international level. We cooperate closely on legal base with companies from Persian Gulf countries such as:


Customer service
Information Technology
Medical & Healthcare
Sport & Fitness

Information to employees

We are one of the leading recruiting companies in the CIS. Our activities are focused on providing employment services to Clients at the local and international levels.


We provide candidates from the CIS and teach the necessary skills.


Before starting cooperation, a mandatory procedure for clarifying the goals and desires of your company


All candidates are thoroughly checked for compliance with the required specified skills

Coverage area

Candidates are residents of CIS countries.


Services that we provide

1. Define the goals

  • Meet Client to define the goals
  • Understand the needs of organization concerning desired candidate for certain position

2. Search for candidates

  • Initiate search for candidates
  • Identify and screen candidates
  • Interview candidates by phone and in-person to make a preliminary shortlist
  • Check the references

3. Presenting candidates

  • Assess and present candidates
  • Deliver status reports and conduct status calls with client
  • Continue to engage the back-up candidates

4. Final stage

  • Assist in transition and adaption of candidates
  • Monitor the newly situated talent over the next year


In today's dynamic business world, one critical success factor is the right personnel choice. This is especially true in the Middle East and the Middle East, where business culture, language peculiarities, and cultural nuances require special attention when selecting employees. This is where Legacy Employment Agency comes into the picture - your reliable partner in recruiting professional staff. Our Legacy agency has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Middle East labor market. We offer a comprehensive approach to recruitment that ensures an optimal match between your business's needs and the candidates' qualities. Benefits of working with Legacy: Expert knowledge of local markets. We carefully analyze the peculiarities of each country in the Middle East and the Middle East to find candidates that best meet your requirements. Sourcing candidates for a variety of positions. Whether you are looking for highly skilled professionals, executives, or operational staff, we are experienced in sourcing candidates for various roles. Personalized Approach. We understand that every business is unique. We customize to your goals and needs to offer the most effective solutions. Quality and Professionalism. Legacy provides only quality services. We ensure the submitted candidates have been thoroughly screened and meet your standards. Successful candidates for your business. Our goal is to fill vacancies and find candidates who will successfully integrate into your company and contribute to its growth. Recruitment in Middle East countries such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia is a task that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Legacy Employment Agency is ready to become your reliable partner in this matter. We guarantee a professional approach, quality services, and successful candidates capable of taking your business to the next level. Take the chance to acquire experienced and ambitious staff with the help of Legacy. Contact us today, and let's start on the journey to your business success together!